How to do this paper – You are to identify at least two schemes, two tropes, an argument type, and an introduction type. The key word is identify – what kind of device did the writer use? You can discuss each identification in a paragraph.
Purpose of the prose analysis
1) Your Thesis — the essay is an example of rhetoric and contains many rhetorical devices
Prose analysis paper
1) Work on the body paragraphs first. Define a scheme or a trope. Provide a quotation of that scheme or trope. Provide a parenthetical citation. Repeat three more times.
2) Define a type of argument. Explain how that argument is found in the essay.
3) The last thing to do is your introduction. Make your introduction either paradoxical or corrective. Be sure to include the title of the essay and the writer’s name (Michele Malkin’s “Tables Need to Be Set Properly” contains many rhetorical devices.)
4) This essay needs to be either a syllogistic argument or definition argument.
5) “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King at
This is also the only source required

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