On November 28, 1987, Korean Airlines Flight 858 exploded in mid-air while flying over the Andaman Sea on its way from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, to Bangkok, Thailand, killing all 115 passengers and crew members aboard. International law enforcement officials soon discovered that this was an act of terrorism carried out by Kim Seung Il, a veteran North Korean foreign intelligence agent, and Kim Hyun Hee, an attractive twenty-five year old female graduate of the North Korean Army’s elite secret espionage school. The two agents had posed themselves as father and daughter tourists from Japan. Before disembarking KAL Flight 858, which had landed at Abu Dhabi from Baghdad, they left a bomb on the airliner that was disguised as a transistor radio inside a briefcase placed on the overhead luggage compartment. As instructed, they tried to commit suicide when discovered by biting into poisoned cigarettes containing liquid hydrocyanic acid, which was supposed to cause death almost instantaneously. Kim Seung Il died, but Kim Hyun Hee miraculously lived to tell her incredible life story under the brutal communist regime of Kim Il Sung.Using Kim Hyun Hee’s autobiography The Tears of My Soul, explain how Kim Hyun Hee was brought up and trained to become one of North Korea’s deadliest espionage agents. You may approach this topic any way you wish, but you must address the following questions: How was Kim Hyun Hee indoctrinated from a very young age and what was she taught about America and its allies, Japan and South Korea? Who gave her the order to blow up KAL Flight 858 and what inspired her to enthusiastically carry out this deadly mission? What was it that eventually made her break down and tell her real story to South Korean interrogators? Still more, based on your knowledge of North Korean terrorism gleaned from your text and class discussions, how does this incident fit into the broader context of the history of North Korea’s policy of state-guide terrorism?Finally, it seems that the world has run out of ideas about how to disarm North Korea. Negotiations appear impossible. Economic sanctions thus far have proved ineffective. And, many people feel that a military strike would provoke a catastrophic war. Meanwhile, ignoring the international community, North Korea continues to expand its nuclear arsenal and develop intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader since the death of his father Kim Jong Il on December 17, 2011, has now threatened the security of South Korea, Japan, and the United States. How would you advise President Biden to deal with this growing threat? Discuss options.In writing this paper, be sure to support your argument by quoting directly from the texts. This final paper, which should be 6 to 8 double-spaced typed pages, is due Wednesday, December 7, 2022. A paper without a title, page numbers, and footnotes is not acceptable.

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