C1. What event in Lena Horne’s life influenced her to become interested in the entertainment business? (6 points)
2. What was so painstakingly noteworthy about Lena Horne’s early life as a child? (7 points)
3. What type of loss and traumatic experience did Lena Horne experience as a result of her divorce. (7 points)
4. What advice did Billie Holiday give to Lena Horne to improve her singing styles? (7 points)
5. How was Lena Horne’s identity and philosophy as an African American shaped; and who played a major role in her life to influence her? (7 points)
6. How did Lena Horne Avoid being given stereotypical and demeaning roles as an African American actress in Hollywood during the early years of her film career? (7 points)
7. During her singing tours as an entertainer for soldiers in military army camps; what courageous gesture did Lena Horn do to fight against racism? (7 points)
8. After being suspended from her military tours and returning to the Hollywood movie industries, what were some of the obstacles Lena Horne faced? (6 points)
9. Describe the type relationship that Lena Horne had with her 2nd husband, Lennie Hayton. (6 points)
10. What are some of the ways in which Lena Horne confronted racism as she was subjected in performing in many places where African Americans were treated as 2nd-class citizens? (7 points)
11. What were some specific circumstances that compelled Lena Horne to become directly involved with the civil rights movement during the 1950s? (6 points)
12. What horrific tragedy forced Lena Horne to make the decision or choice of living in a segregated “black world, or an “integrated white world?” (6 points)
13. How did Lena Horne describe her identity to the interviewer as she revealed her experience as a grandmother, a great grandmother, and being much older as a musician and active performer? (7points)
14. What is your overall impression of Lena Horne? (7points)
15. Within this movie, identify one aspect of the film in which you found yourself totally impressed, bewildered, or inspired. (7points)

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