I am supposed to give a presentation about a company. And I will be giving the presentation to the COO of the company. It goes towards my grades as well as potential job opportunity.
Outline the companies strengths, weaknesses opportunities (potential partners) and threats
Include news about the company from the company’s website and other sources. And state how the news will affect the company long and short run.
The name of the company is Called “Captur”
Captur replaces manual data entry with easy, photo-based checks and validates the condition of assets with industry-leading AI and experts. Automating your repair and claims management in real-time, at scale.
Web page: https://www.captur.ai/
I Am expected to spend 5 minutes explaining each slide. So should be able to give at least 5 minutes of explaining on the points made on the slides produced ( if there’s 5 bullet points on a slide I will have to spend 1 minute explaining each bullet point etc)

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