I have a guideline to work on a chapter, 3000 to 3500 words.
I will need a meta-analysis, all the work already done, the previous 3 chapters written.
The subject: How to solve the delays in providers’ response to outpatients’ requests for medication refills
They recommend Intellectus Statistics software to do the meta-analysis
1) See appendix 8 for the articles with corresponding details in Reference section
2) Appendix 9 for the mathematical background of the DNP project, you will see 2398 requests for the year 2021, an average of 199 requests for med refill a month.
3) Appendix 10, the problem we are trying to avoid, sudden discontinuation of those medications which can be fatal.
NB. There is no literature about the gap analysis, about the delay in Dr response which is a delay in treatment.
When doctors did not respond to medication refills, the problem is the possibility of sudden discontinuation of drugs
Page 14. Statement of the problem.
Read the 3 chapters and prepare the chapter 4 accordingly

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