I have a project on finance using blomberg and i need an expert on that
no word limit
But as there are many parts, I don’t want it to be too long, just I need it fulfill the requirement correctly
2- For each company in your list please provide the following information:
a. Company Overview (general business description and mention if there are any
key recent news affecting the company’s stock for e.g. change in management,
introduction of new product line, merger and acquisition etc). All that
information should be available at Bloomberg. (Security Description function
and CN function. Using the CN function, choose the top 3 ranked news and
explain each news)
b. Find the following using the Bloomberg terminal:
i. Daily price and volume for the last 10 years (HP function)
ii. S&P 500 index (daily) for the last 10 years
iii. Company’s beta
1. Plot the daily price return and S&P 500 return in a graph and
comment how the company is doing relative to the market.
(while commenting here, please use the company’s beta. Tip: use
your knowledge about the beta. For example; if the beta is one,
the stock moves with the market, so you will see similar trends in
both the stock and market movements)
iv. Industry Overview (list the major competitors in the industry and a
comparison with the major competitor-compare EPS, DPS, ROA, ROE,
P/E ratios for the last 5 years) Please provide graphs/charts for each
v. Analyst reviews (ANR function). Write your comments on the analyst
vi. Board structure and executives structure (MGMT function). – Data
requested for board: Number of directors, %women directors,
average age, age range, average tenure, for executives: % women
executives, average age, CEO age, average tenure, CEO tenure, %
executives holding shares and % CEO ownership. (Use the current
year information) Write your comments on the board structure and
executives structure.
vii. ESG Disclosure score, Environmental disclosure score, Social disclosure
score and Governance disclosure score for the past 5 years. Write your
comments on these scores and how well the company is doing.

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