I have graduated within Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenenace Technology. I am requierd now to submit an admission essay to get to into the Aerospace Engineering in 4 year promgram in the University. I will attache my Resume and my Transcript for the details.
also here is some info about me if thats helps;
I have learned in my classes some skills such as:
Engineering maintenance skills
Sheet metal and composite designing and fabrication
Arc welding
Electric welding
Have the ability to read schematic and sketches
Engineering computing skills
Good communication skills
Avionics and electrical system
I have been always interested to learn more about space and science.
I like to solve equations, and puzzles.
One of my favorite hobbies is reading books.
I like watching space launches.
I am always looking for a problem so I can work on it and solve it.
Attending new courses and conferences.

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