-I need a 10 full pages essay with in-text citations or The Chicago Manual of Style.
-Use a 12-point font in either Arial, Times New Roman, or Courier New.
-The only two sources that can be used are:
Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty! An American History, Volume 2: From 1865, Seagull Sixth Edition (ISBN: 9780393418262) Textbook
Eric Foner (ed.), Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History, Volume 2, Sixth Edition (ISBN: 9780393696929) Primary Documents Reader
“Argue for or against this statement: World War II was more important and significant to America and American history than World War I. Make sure your examples and evidence are thoroughly analyzed and explained in this essay. Keep in mind you will need to discuss both wars in this essay (in some capacity) to fully understand your argument. Make sure your argument for the above statement (for or against) is clear.”
You will also find attached more information regarding the essay.

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