I need a 2000 word lit review on how marriage and marital roles have changed over time.
it is for a sociology class i can type the requirements
his literature review will require you to conduct independent academic research on a selected
portion of this semester’s material on race, ethnicity, and families in the U.S., in order to
highlight key sources on your topic, and place the authors/concepts in conversation with one
• Your research paper should consist of at least 1,750-2000 words, and employ 1” margins all
around. The paper should also employ ASA or APA formatting style. The paper should be
formatted as an essay. It should be double spaced, contain an introduction, body, and conclusion,
and a coherent flow of ideas. The paper should include both in-text citations and a bibliography
page. Additionally, the paper should include page numbers, along with a title page including
course information, your name, and the date. Word counts should be included on the title page.
• Your paper will require 15 sources. You may include up to three references drawn from the
course material. The others should be peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles, book chapters, and
other reliable academic sources. Although you may draw additional support from outside sources,
as well, the bulk of your paper should rest on scholarly references.

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