I need a more direct approach. I would like to see my papaer tied to specific works/ pieces brian has choreographed and how those may relate to current movements if at all possible. Describe Friedman’s methods and outcomes, rather than trying to include a general template for all of dance creation. Highlighted parts have to have some change.
Write final complete draft of research paper. This final draft should be a revision of your first draft (rather than simply spot-fixing small corrections). Address any content, depth, specificity, organizational, etc. issues and feedback from your first draft. You may also update with any further thought/research/relevant class material since the first draft was written, if appropriate.
This paper is an in-depth investigation of a research question that you create. It will:
· Position your discussion of the research question (your perspective, scholarly/participant perspectives, what is known/unknown in the field surrounding this topic.)
· Articulate main points of your analysis/discussion and support them with observations and connections from your research (or note where your research or varying perspectives diverge from your arguments)
· Share conclusions of the research, what areas/questions merit further study
· First and final drafts of paper will have at least 5 sources referenced and utilized within the paper, three of which must be written (details below)
· Works Cited: This paper will include quotations, and therefore must include citations and a Works Cited page. Make sure to credit visual sources appropriately.
· All portions of the assignment must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents on Blackboard.
Source Guidelines
Your first draft and final papers will have at least five sources, three of which must be written.
· Written sources could be any of the following formats: book, memoir, journal article, interview, review of the event, review of related past event.
· Your class readings do not count toward your three resources, though you may reference them in your paper.
· Credible visual sources may be used and should be cited appropriately.
· Websites should only be used as sources if their content is verified and created by an appropriately informed scholar/participant in the field (unless your project is intentionally considering or contrasting perspectives). You are welcome to include information from company/artist websites, however these DO NOT count toward your sources. Such sites should be cited in footnotes or the body of your paper but need not be added to your bibliography.

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