I need a paper for my nursing school on end of life
Discuss clinical reasoning/nursing judgment used to make patient-centered care decisions at the basic level when caring for older patients.
a. Begin to use clinical reasoning/nursing judgment to make basic care decisions to ensure safe nursing care for older patients.
A. Mrs. Jones, a 68 year old resident at a long term health facility, has recently been diagnosed with end stage breast cancer. She has decided she does not want to start treatment, and wants to die with dignity. She states to her primary nurse, “I know the statistics on stage 4 breast cancer are grim. I am 68 years old and have had a great life. I do not think I want to go through with treatment. I do not want to do this to myself or my family. What do you think I should do”? Using the nursing process, how do you, as the nurse, proceed with this situation?
B. After the discussion, she verbalized that she is looking into assisted suicide measures. She asks you if you would consider helping her. How would you respond?
Instructions: Think like a nurse and use the nursing process to assess this situation. How would you use nursing judgment /clinical reasoning, to support your answer?
Use at least three citations to support your decision.
In-text citation and reference page using APA 7th edition.
Grading Rubric:
1.Discuss the nursing process= 80% -Include at least 3 assessment points (problems)= 20% -Include a plan/goal for each= 20% -Include at least 3 interventions for each = 20% -Include an evaluation for each plan/goal= 20%
2.Response to assisted suicide question (Part B)= 10%
3.Grammar= 5%
4.Citations and reference (APA 7th edition) = 5%

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