I need an introduction and conclusion paragraph written, as well as a paragraphing describing a case which relates to the information presented in the essay I have already started. Here are the assignment instructions:
The written report must include the following sections (it does not need to be in the listed order). A better paper should consist of a case study where you present a case that you find that illustrates the crime that you have selected.
Section 1. The crime that you have selected and the elements.
Section 2. The methods that you would use to investigate the crime that you have chosen.
Section 3. The evidence that you would look for to support the crime that you selected. In addition, you can explain how you would collect the evidence and what you would ask the crime lab to examine the evidence for.
Section 4. What approach would you take to interview the different parties involved in the crime that you are researching? This can include the suspect, victim, and witnesses. How does each interview differ, and what do you need to do for some people and not for others to ensure that everything learned can be used in court to prosecute the defendant?
Section 5. When someone is arrested and then convicted of the crime you have selected, what is the bail usually set for that crime, and if convicted, what is the sentence or punishment they can receive?
Section 6. Case study example that represents the crime you selected (include as much of sections 1-5 possible).

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