i need three statistical tests one-way ANOVA, one paired t-test, a one-sample t-test,independent-samples t-test. For each of those tests, answer the
following questions. .
1. Describe the data set you chose to use (note whether it’s a real data set or you made it up – both
options are fine, just mention which one you are using).
2. What are the hypotheses? Use both a verbal explanation and the symbols when applicable.
3. Which alpha level do you choose to use?
4. Run the test on SPSS. For each type of test certain screenshots need to be added to your document –
see a presentation on the website.
5. Did you reject the null hypothesis (or hypotheses)? Explain.
6. Report the results (use examples from the textbook and the slides). If a confidence interval was
provided, add that to your report.
7. For two-way ANOVA: is there a significant interaction? If so, explain it in the context of your data.
Note: a two-way ANOVA with a significant interaction will count as two tests.

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