I need to create a case study with the organism Neisseria meningitidis.
Instructions: Build a case study based on an organism discussed during this course.
I must see significant effort, demonstration of critical thinking, relevant application of course content and correct use of terminology. The case must proceed in a logical and organized manner with all necessary information to solve the case and answer the questions provided. ALL requirements must be met by the case study. Write the case study using Microsoft Word.
It must include 5 Multiple Choice Questions with 4 options each. Include the MC questions at the end of your case study or interspersed throughout. The questions must address content students should know by taking this course. The question should be able to stand alone without significant reliance on the case.
For example: Well written questions may ask: “What test result may be used to differentiate Proteus vulgaris from P. mirabilis?” “Which of the following colony morphologies best describes Group B Streptococcus?”
Poorly written questions may ask: “What was the catalase reaction for the organism in this case study?” “What multitest system was used to identify the organism?” You are asking me to remember what was done in the case study and not to rely on information known by studying microbiology. Instead I could word these question differently “What is the catalase reaction of Group B Streptococcus?” or “Which of the following statements describes a multitest system?”
See attached file for more details.

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