i need to write a restaurant review based on personal experience.
make sure you clearly pass judgementin the introductory pargagraph and then make sure you write an explicitly clear sentance at the begining of each body paragraph that strongly supports your thesis statements.
kep the tone authoritive.
keep the sentances crisp and clear.
eliminate all passive voice.
add transitions.
make sure to support each explanation.
engage your audience.
see the subject from multiple pespectives.
use clear, direct, forceful writing.
write a restuarant review based on personal experience
is defined in one sentance
lets the audience know who you are
you may write in first person
offer some background-location, phone #, type of cuisine and hours.
give both pros and cons
name specific entrees
Evaluate the entire experience
ex. decor, how quickly you were served etc.
use description adj

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