I need to write a term paper. I already have a literature review and also I have already done the research. The data was collected from secondary data and it is a linear regression analysis. I need a methodology part, a part of data analysis and results for you to expand and a part of conclusion and recommendation.
The methodology part. This part identifies the purpose and objectives of the research, detailing the purpose and objectives of the work. In addition, this section justifies the organization and conduct of the research, the research scheme is presented, describes the research methods: quantitative, detailed research instruments, a sample that ensures the reliability of the research is justified.
The data analysis and results part. In this part of the work, the situation of the research object is revealed in detail, and the research results are analyzed and evaluated. In this part of the work, it is expedient to present a summary section of the research, which would review the main results of the research. So, describe the study data, the course of the study, and the results of the study, and then add an assessment of possibilities (expand my work).
When evaluating and analyzing the research results, the student interprets, evaluates and summarizes the obtained results, names what the research has essentially revealed or shown, compares the results with the results of scientific work in this field, provides insights on the use of results, i. e. identifies the issues in which the results obtained can be applied, and so on. If needed add no more than 3 pages of literature review.
Conclusion and recommendation part. Without repeating the summaries of the work sections, based on the work done, present the main conclusions of the work. It is recommended to write the suggestions after the conclusions. Proposals (recommendations) must be specific, based on the work done, rational and feasible, and the proposed ways to implement them must be presented. The conclusions and suggestions should be numbered separately. This part should be no longer than 2 pages.
This work should be made after examining at least 5 scientific literature.
Make sure that scientific literature is reachable for everyone (I or others don’t need to pay to open that work) and that scientific literature is trustable. Please use scientific literature that is not older than 5 years.

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