Assignment Three

Seven to eight pages in length, double spaced, margins 1 inch, and font size 12.

Interventions: Design of an Intervention for Immigrant or Refugee Family or Community

Students will research evidence-based practices with specific problem area(s) with the selected

client-group and develop an intervention depending on the student’s chosen field of practice and

skill set. It will be important to integrate interventions that incorporate practices that address

individual, family, community and organizational strengths and problems. A discussion of ethical

dilemmas and decision-making must be included.

(African- immigrants in Massachusetts.) We can choose to talk about that OR the case study I wrote about.

1) Introduction: A brief statement about the focus and purpose of the paper. The introduction should

give your reader an understanding of the theory you will focus on and the level of social work

intervention you will address (1/2 page).

2) Literature review: Review the research and writing about the theory from the scholarly literature.

Address the history of social work’s role with this issue and the social and interpersonal factors

that contribute to it. Summarize the state-of-the-art interventions. Address any applicable

explanatory theory and models of practice (3 pages)

3) Critique: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the state-of-the-art practice with this

intervention. Address gaps in services, inadequacies of programs, problematic policies, and so on

(2 pages).

4) Propose ways to strengthen what already exists and new methods of alleviating the problem (1


5) Conclusion: Summarize the findings of your paper. What are your final thoughts on the

dimension of trauma and current social work practice? How might your critique strengthen the

role of social workers in this area (1/2 page)?

Guidelines for the paper:

· Evidence-based Articles on populations

· Organize the paper using Micro, Mezzo, and Macro interventions

· Provide some context

· Literature/ interventions that can be worked with this individual( At least four articles)

· Seven to eight pages in length

· Follow APA 7th edition formatting guidelines

· NB: Let me know if you would like to use my case study in this paper other than using a different population please.

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