In addition to your prescription, you will write a short, APA formatted (double spaced), 2 to 4-page essay that provides context for your exercise prescription. Include the following:
For each of the three exercise programs, provide a brief rationale as to why you are recommending (prescribing) these activities for your client. Support each rationale with current best practice information from a scholarly Excelsior Library article or a credible professional association. Your recommendations must directly relate to the health concerns noted in the fictional client’s profile.
Given the health concerns for this person, the exercises selected, and any other relevant information about your client, what are 1-2 main safety considerations you will want to address with your client? What are your recommendations to ensure safety in this prescription?
Close with a persuasive statement to your client in which you encourage the person to start this plan. In your persuasive statement, be sure to talk about motivators in this person’s life that can assist in beginning and maintaining the program, as well as ways to get around barriers. Cover at least 2 motivators and 1-2 barriers.
You may use a table format, bullets, an infographic or other visual. This is your final, polished exercise prescription. It should be evidence-based and carefully tailored to what you have learned over this term about designing exercise prescriptions for your fictitious client. You can use a table, bullets, or get as creative as you wish, but be sure that any reader can understand what you are recommending for the exercise program.

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