In this assignment, you will read the situation below and use the five-step decision making process discussed in Chapter 1 to analyze and recommend a course of action. Be sure to follow the format for the “What Would You Do” paper. Include a least two references in APA format. Your paper should be a minimum of two pages including cover page with all the details describing the five step decision making process and answers to the questions listed within the situation below.
You are a member of the IT organization at a full-service, nonprofit healthcare system that provides a wide range of clinical, educational, preventive, and social programs. These services are provided through two acute care hospitals and more than 130 sites of care. The healthcare system has a total of 12,000 employees, including almost 700 physicians. You have been asked to lead a project to assess the level of acceptance of the hospital’s current EHR system. The goal is to establish whether or not the system is meeting employee’s and patients’ needs and, if not, define changes that need to be made, including requirements that must be met by any replacement system. Describe an effective approach to complete this effort. Develop a set of at least six questions that might be asked of various stakeholders to understand how and to what degree they currently use the EHR system as well as to determine their level of satisfaction.
Follow the guidelines here for the WWYD Exercise

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