In this essay I want you to describe what it is like working around Spanish-speaking individuals during a construction job. You work construction and speak English. This essay needs to be in first-person and attempt to come up/ make up different situations. The instructions are below.
1 Guidelines for Writing an Experiential Learning Essay. Experiential Learning contains four components: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation.
2 When Writing about concrete experiences that led to Learning , it is helpful to ask yourself the following questions: What did I do? Where? When? For how long? Why? What was my role (as opposed to the others involved) ? How deeply was I involved? What techniques, methods, procedures did I employ? Why did I choose the ones I used? What were my goals and objectives? How did they influence my choices? What resources did I use? Can I get documentation to verify my experience? Summarize what occurred rather than giving a narrative account of what happened.
3 Section 2: Reflective Observation In the second stage of Writing about Experiential Learning , you step back from the experience to observe and reflect upon it. This might involve noticing similarities or differences, patterns or results of certain actions. Ask yourself: What were the reasons behind my behavior ? What was I thinking at the time? What trends and patterns are evident? What were the significant and unique components of the experience? What worked for me and what didn t? How has my behavior changed as the result of what I learned from the experience?
4 What conclusions can I reach as the result of my reflection? Section 3: Abstract Conceptualization Based on your observations and reflections about your experience, begin to generalize and form abstract concepts about it. Ask: What are the underlying principles for each of my 3 key concepts? What existing rules, laws, theories, and/or concepts from other sources support my understanding of my 3 key concepts? Can I articulate depth and breadth of understanding around each of my 3 key concepts? What examples from my concrete experience demonstrate this understanding?
5 Section 4: Active Experimentation In the fourth stage of the model, you will apply your newly discovered principles, testing the implications of the concepts in new situations. Ask yourself: How does my knowledge apply to other situations? How will I implement (have I implemented) my new knowledge? Have I tested my ideas or those of others? If not, what might I predict will happen? Why? Can I give specific examples of how I am using or would use the Learning around each of my 3 key concepts in a new setting? The testing or experimentation in the fourth stage leads to another concrete experience.
6 You cannot write an Essay to fulfill this requirement, if you do not have significant experience in the area you are Writing about.
7 All essays written for academic credit must be written in MLA style. 2 pages length

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