In this final paper you will have the opportunity to pull together the different insights you have gathered about your future possible career path. Please keep in mind that your career is a journey and nothing that you have discovered is set in stone – but it is a very good place to start. So, this project should be a plan that sets you on this journey, knowing that you will always be growing and discovering. There will be three parts to your final paper as follows:
Part I: In 3-4 paragraphs share the career specialization that you feel drawn to after the career exploration you have engaged in over the last three weeks. What about your interests, passions, and life experiences has led you to this specialization? In what ways do you feel this specialization will bring you satisfaction and fulfillment in addition to success? What specific job within this specialization would you like to further explore? Make sure to integrate insights and information you gained from your interview into this portion of your paper.
In preparation for your final project’s literature review section it will be important that you locate a number of peer-reviewed journal articles and other sources that focus on your career. For this annotated bibliography you will need to locate at least four (4) reliable sources, of which at least two (2) are relevant peer-reviewed journal articles from Keiser’s online library.
What is an annotated bibliography?
It is an organized list of sources (referenced in APA format), such as books, journals, newspapers, magazines, reputable web pages, etc., each of which is followed by a summary or description of the source. See page 307 of the APA Manual for a more detailed description of an annotated bibliography.
Annotations may consist of all or part of the following list of items, depending on the purpose of the bibliography:
Describe the content (focus) of the source
Describe the usefulness of the source
Evaluate the reliability of the source
Discuss any conclusions the author(s) may have made
Note key points from the article relevant to your final project*
Describe your reaction to the source
*Given the purpose of this assignment which is to prepare for writing the literature review portion of your final paper, your annotations should summarize the key points from each article that are relevant to your final paper. Make sure to write annotations in your own words. Do not copy and paste from the article or abstract. Please read the APA article on paraphrasing and watch the video posted in Week 2 on how to paraphrase.
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