In this short paper, present a case between you and a client in which you may have mistaken values for knowledge or knowledge for values in the intervention you used in the case.
1. At what stage of human development was the client (Erickson’s Stages of Development)?
2. What were the bio-psychosocial spiritual factors that may have informed your understanding of the client and their conflict/issue?
3. Incorporate Kohlberg’s stages of moral development (see Lecture page (Link will open in new tab.)) to further describe what ‘knowledge’ you may about the client’s moral development. Remember to Include information regarding race, gender, economic status, health and mental health issues, employment, and any other factors that may inform your therapeutic/professional understanding of the client.
4. How did this mistaken use of values for knowledge or knowledge for values interfere with the outcome of your intervention?
5. Was there a dysfunctional outcome

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