In this week’s lab, we’ll be diving into the K-1 Amplify curriculum. As I mentioned in the video, the curriculum created by Amplify was intended to be applied throughout the United States. However, what is meaningful and relevant phenomena for a student in rural Oregon is not the same for a student in New York City. Thus, it is our job to modify and update the given curriculum to address the diverse needs of our students (see overview CR-SE statement by NYC DOE).
For your report, this week, select a grade level, unit, and chapter you’ll reenvisioning from the Amplify Curriculum (feel free to use other curricula if you or your school has access). In your overview, you should:
Identify the grade level, unit, and chapter you selected;
Identify the overarching 3Ds of learning (DCI, Crosscutting Concepts, Science and Engineering Practices) articulated in the chapter;
Describe how you would revise the chapter to include a local (e.g. NYC) phenomenon;
Describe any culturally relevant adaptations you would make; and
How these revisions would change the way students access the topic.
The report should be around ~1.5 pages (double spaced). Make sure to follow the APA style.

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