In this week’s lab, we’ll be using WeTeachNYC to look up helpful science resources for the classroom. More specifically, we want to evaluate these resources using your understanding of the 3 dimensions of learning.
Part 1:
Go to the WeTeachNYC homepage ( Where it says “Explore the library”, select the subject as “science” and a particular grade band that you currently/hope to teach. Explore the resources and identify one that might be useful for your instruction.
Part 2:
Give a brief overview of the resource and where you see it fitting within your classroom. Using your understanding of 3D of learning, describe how the resource either aligns or does not align with the NGSS by identifying the resource’s crosscutting concept(s), science and engineering practice(s), and disciplinary core idea(s). The report should be around ~1.5 pages (double spaced). Make sure to follow the APA style.

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