In this week’s lab, we’ll continue diving into the grades 2-3 Amplify curriculum with a focus on inquiry. Keep in mind the need to modify any curricula to address the diverse needs of our students with a continued focus this week on CR-SE (see overview CR-SE statement by NYC DOE).
For your report, select a grade level and unit you’ll reenvisioning from the Amplify Curriculum (feel free to use other curricula if you or your school has access). Using a similar format introduced in the discussion (see table below), create and complete a similar document:
Identifying the grade level and unit you selected;
Identifying the local (e.g. NYC) phenomenon studied for the unit;
Identifying the essential question for the unit;
Briefly fill out the activity, what students/teachers do, concepts learned (should be the 3D aligned), and assessment used for each of the 5Es.

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