In your final presentation, you will compile all of the work that you did on this change project, including your results, into one paper and corresponding presentation. You should include the following sections:
Starting the Change – what was the change you chose to make? Why was this important to you? What effect did you think this change would have on your life?
Making the Plan – How did you plan to achieve this change? What were some milestones that you set for yourself?
The Process – How did the journey toward your goal progress? Was it easier or more difficult than expected? Explain. Did you meet milestones along the way? Did you have to make adjustments to your plan? Explain.
Status – What was the end result? Did you meet your goal? If so, has it made the same effect on your life that you anticipated? If not, what did you think the challenges were? How might you manage these challenges in the future?
Reflection – How did you feel about the process? Is it something you might apply to your life in other areas? Thinking back on your plan is there something you might do differently if you could? Why?

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