APSM 4373 – Sport Management Practicum

Southern Methodist University

Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education & Human Development

Department of Applied Physiology and Wellness

Each student, dressed in professional business attire and presenting in front of a business-professional background, will present a professionally produced, 8-minute, oral, PowerPoint-supported presentation on the sports industry segment they are considering for their internship, as a profession, or their job type.  Students must also email Professor Carton a copy of their presentation as well as upload their presentation via Canvas. Note: for non-attendance at an Industry Segment Presentation a student will receive a 15 point reduction.

Step 1

Based off of your interest, knowledge, and aspirations to date, select a segment of the sports industry that interests you for a possible internship and/or career

Step 2

Research your industry segment. This research must include current issues, events, and trends within your industry segment

Step 3

Find one (1) recent or updated organizational chart from a company in your industry segment. These charts may be difficult to find, however, when you are conducting your informational interview(s) this might be an ideal time to ask for one. If you are unable to secure one then you must create one.

Step 4

Conduct a minimum of three (3) informational interviews with individuals currently working in your industry segment and weave what you learned from each of them (ie, the take-aways) into you ISP presentation. These individuals cannot work at SMU.

For example, take-aways might provide answers to the following types of questions:

1. Education of this individual and/or requirement for position?

2. What tasks is this person or someone in a similar role responsible for?

3. What skills does this person or someone in a similar role possess?

4. What are the required experiences or typical career paths in order to achieve this position?

5. Are there commonalities between the professionals I chose in terms of work experience, skills, etc.

Step 5

Collect recent job announcements/descriptions for jobs within your industry segment from a variety of sources such as Teamwork Online and other sports job/internship search portals.

Step 6

Prepare your vision of what the industry segment will look like in 5 years and how you will fit into it. Make sure to address how your industry segment has/will change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Step 7

Prepare a 8-minute PowerPoint presentation for the class. Your presentation must include the following:

1.) 1 minute – review of relevant information about yourself and your foundation, interests, skills, passion, etc. and introduction of your chosen sports industry segment

2.) 2 minutes – review of industry issues, developments, and trends

3.) 1 minute – review of organizational chart and job announcements

4.) 3 minutes – take-away’s from informational interviews

5.) 1 minute – vision of the industry in 5 years

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