For this “Make a Difference” (MAD) social responsibility paper, you will pick a topic based on content in the book and explain how you can “make a difference (in society).”
Choose a topic or cause in which you are interested in making a difference. For example, you might be interested in using one of the seven different psychological perspectives to treat different types of psychological disorders or change public opinion about an issue. It is always cool to see how psychological concepts and theories relate to the real world. Take some time to brainstorm your idea and come up with a research question or a hypothesis.
Research your idea. Go to and search the articles in the Psych Info database. It’s good to search using buzzwords like “stereotype threat” and “Asian-American.” See what’s out there already. Maybe something similar has been done before, or maybe this is something groundbreaking. Either way, you want to find studies to back up your argument, explain the problem, or identify a gap in available research.
Reread chapter 1 on the different types of psychological studies (observation, survey, experiment, etc.) and choose a design in order to test your hypothesis.
Read the “Make a Difference Paper Template (Word)” that I have provided word for word! You may download it and actually use the template.
Write a 4-5 page (12 font, double spaced) paper (that includes a title page and a reference page so really a 2-3 pager) using the template as a guide. See APA formatting powerpoint for detailed information.
There must be at least 3 references used throughout the paper. Remember to use in-text citations and also put them at the end in the references section. If you do not know how to use in text citations or write references in APA format, use the Purdue OWL website as a guide: (Links to an external site
The Grading Rubric (PDF) is provided as well. Review that before writing the paper.

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