Go to the carries’ websites by using the provided links. Become familiar with the site by researching the content and services. Once you have researched the websites, respond to the following questions. Include a detailed response to each of the questions. Do not define terminology or definitions. Share your personal thoughts and ideas. Number your responses according to the assigned questions. Do not retype the questions. If you do not follow the requirements, your grade will be reduced by 50 percent. You can use your textbook to provide supporting information when answering the questions for this assignment. You must complete a table outlining the shipping options to receive credit for this assignment. Post your assignment to the provided thread.
Post your initial response and you will be given access to the Turnitin summary report. You are able to resubmit your document up to three times before the due date.
Word Count Requirement: 250 words
Links (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Discuss the benefits of allowing customers to track their shipments?
In your own words, describe the services provided by each of the above transportation companies.
Select a package size of your choice, desired delivery speed, as well as a shipping origin and destination. Compare the costs of using any three of the above carries. Based on this information, which of the three companies would you select as your shipping firm? Are there other factors that would enter into your decision? (Feel free to mention your own experiences with these carriers.) Include a cost breakdown for each of the shipping options. Use the following table when completing this assignment. If you do not include a table comparing the information, you will not receive credit for this assignment.
(Select Three)
Package Weight
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