Instructions: Have brief conversations with 4 people as directed below. In paragraph form and using complete sentences, answer the questions below.Your submission should be at least 2 pages [12 point font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins all around].Part 1: Talk with a woman, and with a man, who went to high school or college before 1972.Part 2: Talk with a woman and with a man, currently about age 20.As the same question for each person:
What factors in their lives encouraged, limited, or prevented their participation in sport or other physical activity?
To write:Compare each of the pairs of people. For example:The pair indicated above would be comparing the man and the woman who are currently about 20.Man ~20 Woman ~20
around 1972
around 1972
Note all the comparisons, and then go into more detail on the pairs who had quite different experiences.
Put everything in historical context. What social changes have occurred over the past two generations that have made early sport experiences for young women and men today different from those who went to school before the early 1970s?

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