Instructions: Please write in double spaced (12 font, Times New Roman or Arial font) a complete response to the following prompts in 4 full paragraphs (4-5 complete sentences), this is not a traditional research essay with an introduction, arguments in body paragraphs and conclusion, rather this is an opportunity to learn about the different types of ways that businesses in the marketplace are organized, and think about how you as a potential employee plan to fit into the labor force in the future.

1. Based on the 2 YouTube videos by LawShelf and the presentation lesson notes on chapter 8 explain the various business structures as it relates to your life. (2 paragraphs)
Which one of the 3 (corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship) would would you say you see yourself working as part of the labor force, in the future. Also, explain in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of each business structure, why you would prefer working within that legal business structure. Be sure to cite parts of the notes, here.
2. Consider your long-term career goals, after graduating high school and starting work or attending college prior to work. (2 paragraphs)
What industry (general business, education/academia, government/law, healthcare/medicine, science/technology, etc.) do you plan to go to college for in preparation of employment? If so, what type of business structure is that institute of higher learning (for-profit, non-profit, vocational, state sponsored school, etc.) If not attending college, what industry will you start to work in right away? If you are planning to starting your business now or in the future, do elaborate in detail about the business structure of your plan.

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