Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Develop at least two research questions and two hypotheses directly related to the content you have completed so far in this course. When constructing your questions and hypotheses, consider the guidelines stated in the “Introduction” section of this Discussion;
Respond to at least two other students and give them feedback on each of their research questions and hypotheses. As part of this feedback, pick what you believe to be the strongest research question and hypothesis and let the student know why you believe it is the strongest research question and hypothesis;
For your hypothesis, you will need to identify both the independent variable (IV) and dependent variables (DV), in addition to identifying and defining your operational definitions of both your IV and DV; and
Post your actual research question and hypothesis that you chose to the discussion board. For your hypothesis, also post your IV, DV, and operational definitions of the IV and DV.

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