Using the Internet, search for an article on one of the topics listed below. Summarize your article and discuss your own opinion of the article by Thursday. Please limit your comments to 500 words and use APA citation where necessary.
Employee privacy
Labor law issues (i.e. employees’ rights to engage in union activities and employers’ responsibilities to employees who do so.)
Employee rights in retirement, savings, and insurance benefits (i.e. ERISA)
Laws that promote employees’ health, safety, and welfare (i.e. OSHA)
Tips: The webliography contains many websites that may be helpful. Google Scholar is also a great search engine: (Links to an external site.). Avoid Wikipedia as an academic resource as it can be edited by anybody. Articles that are about recent topics concerning American employment law are preferred. Do not use articles/sources that are more than ten years old. Articles about employment laws in other countries are allowed, but please clearly note which country’s laws you are discussing if you are not writing about American law.

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