Introduction (150 words): Give a clear overview of the aim of your essay. Explain what you will discuss in your essay. To simplify this, write points a – d in your own words.
Paragraph 1 (400 words): After writing your introduction you will address point-a which is providing the definition, background, and context of Covid-19 pandemic. Discuss how it has triggered a global crisis in the tourism sector, especially in the UK.
Paragraph 2 (400 words): In paragraph 2 you will research on the tourism industry in the UK. You will address point-b by providing a brief account of the importance and place of tourism in the UK economy from your findings.
Paragraph 3 (400 words): In paragraph three you will focus on point c and analyse how UK tourism industry is impacted by the pandemic and how it responded to this crisis based on your research findings.
Conclusion (150 words): You will summarise what the essay has covered and give brief recommendations on what the tourism industry could do to recover from this crisis. This will address point d of the assignment.

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