The use of encryption to protect systems and information is
wide-spread within the IT industry. In NIST SP 800-53, security controls
address the implementation of cryptographic protection mechanisms including the
generation and management of cryptographic keys, the use of encryption to
protect information at rest and in motion, and the selection of hardware and
software modules to implement cryptographic algorithms. Specific security
controls related to cryptography and encryption are found in the Access Control
family, System Integrity family, and System and Communications Protection families of security controls.
For this discussion, you are asked to prepare a short
management brief (background paper) for technical and non-technical staff
members on the subject of protecting information using encryption and
trustworthy cryptographic algorithms. You should also address non-repudiation
and how the sources and contents of important documents can and should be
authenticated using digital signatures and hashing. This background paper will
be distributed to employees attending a mandatory half-day training session for
their annual information security training.
Remember to use and cite authoritative sources in your work.
Place your list of references at the end of your paper.
Remember to submit your discussion response to the Turn It
In for Discussions assignment folder. See the forum instructions for more

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