It is a course called business law firstly.
You have a business idea and are looking for someone to invest in it. Your investors would like to know about the legal issues facing your new business. They have asked you to prepare a memorandum with the following information and analysis.
Identify and select an idea for a new business. Decide on the business, what it will do, who will it serve, how many employees it will have (have a minimum of 10 employees), and where it will be located and do business (needs to be located in the United States). Decide on a business name, the form of the business entity, and the place of organization. Then, prepare a short summary of the major legal issues the business will have to address in order to get up-and-running and through the first few years of its operations. This page provides the format and provides a series of questions to consider in writing the paper. And here is the grading criteria.
It is not to be a business plan discussing operations, financing and marketing. I want enough information to understand your business setup but the meat of your paper should address legal issues. Make sure that you cover every area of law that we have studied in this course and will apply to this business. Don’t be concerned with issues that will not impact your business. For industry specific issues, try looking at the trade associations that cover the industry. As always, please feel free to email me for guidance.
The final analysis should be in business memo form to the attention of your instructor. It should be 3-5 pages, single-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, with 1″ margins.
Grading Criteria:
Do you cover all relevant issues pertaining to your business? Did you include issues that may apply to your business only, e.g. a unique environmental issue, a particular safety issue, permits and licenses? Did you do outside research on what legal issues may impact your business?
How well do you explain each relevant issue?
Do you state which areas do not apply to your business (good)? Conversely, do you cover issues that are not relevant to your business or spend too much time discussing issues that could be dealt with in a sentence or two (not good)?
Is it a legal memo, as opposed to a business plan?
Do you make a persuasive case in explaining the legal issues so that I will not walk away from the deal because of a legal risk?
Are you clear in your writing? Is your grammar and sentence structure correct? Do you clearly break out your ideas in sections and paragraphs? Is it easy for me to read and understand? Did you use headers?
A: 90-100 – covered each section; discussed in-depth sections/issues significant to the business, while touching on others; good understanding of legal issues; well written and structured.
B: 80-89 – covered most of the significant issues for specific business (but missed some); didn’t cover all sections (even if to state that it does not apply); may have spent too much time on minor issues; basic understanding of legal issues; decently written; not hard to follow (may have lack of headers).
C: 70-79 – missed major issues; lack of understanding of some but not all legal issues; spent too much time on minor issues; hard to follow.
D: 60-69 – not much effort, but covered some relevant legal issues.

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