Italiano Gastronomico, Inc. was founded by Chef Luciano Placido in 1966, who built and operated 5 Fine-dining restaurants, located in large U.S. metropolitan cities – New York City (Pavarotti Plus), Chicago (Napoli Heaven), Washington D.C. (Mesa De Notte), Boston (Lasagna Luciano), and Baltimore (Lorito’s Italian Kitchen), all located in downtown locations. They are open for lunch and dinner only; and the lunch check average is approximately $28.00 (Food $16 and Beverage $12)….and dinner is $58 (Food $41 and Beverage $17). These gourmet restaurants are famous for their homemade Linguini with Fresh Seafood, Spinach Lasagna, and Chicken Marsala, as well as Chef Placido’s “to die for” Pumpkin-gingersnap Tiramisu.
Unfortunately, revenues have not reached their expectation for three consecutive years. As a result of dismal financial results, Chef Palacido recently sold Italiano Gastronomico, Inc. to the NEW OWNERS – “Mama Mia! Corporation (MMC)”. Upon review of social media, calls and letters, MMC quickly realized that the challenge is a branding issue….who could have guessed? A typical comment is “I wasn’t sure what to expect, when I walked in the door?”. As a result of the concern, MMC contacted you, a “world re-known branding consultant”, and agreed to pay you up to $75,000 for your thoughts. Your knowledge, creativity and ability to incorporate the concepts learned in Brand Strategist will determine your paid fee. Using your Brand Strategy ‘research’ and particularly section 7: Strategic Branding Process (and your imagination – making assumptions as needed), share your thoughts as follows:
1. Develop a Brand Vision (create an actual Vision Statement) for Italiano Gastronomico, Inc. Restaurants; and explain why you chose it?
2. Develop a Brand Promise (create an actual Promise statement) for Italiano Gastronomico, Inc. Restaurants; and explain why you chose it?
3. Explain how the Brand Promise (question 2 above) could be translated into Customer Experience. Describe 2 different physical, sensory design examples for these restaurants?
4. Develop a Brand Positioning Statement (create an actual Positioning Statement); and explain why you think it is great for Italiano Gastronomico, Inc. Restaurants?
5. Develop a Brand Narrative (create an actual Narrative) for Italiano Gastronomico, Inc. Restaurants; and explain your rationale?
6. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: ‘We are in the era of the empty-self in which alienation can be solved by the lifestyle solution, in which we construct a self by purchasing even limited rationality.’ Explain.
7. When you look at the Wendy’s Iconography – Explain the ‘hidden symbol’ on Wendy
8. What is Brand Leveraging? Give one hospitality example, and explain why it is an example of the term?
9. List and Explain the 5 Sources of Connectivity between the Brand and The Consumer (guest)?
10. ‘The three founders of The Tommy Brand were fortunate/savvy enough to do the right things from the very start to ensure a successful Brand’. Do you AGREE or DISAGREE, and explain why or why not in 100 words or less?
11. A Marketer is a Meta-physician. Do you Agree or Disagree? Explain and give an example why or why not?
12. List the four sections of an Experience Economy and Explain the significance of each?
13. Explain each of the two terms: Brand Management and Brand Leadership/Entrepreneurship?
14. Are today’s companies – Product Producers or Meaning Brokers? Explain.
15. Explain the term, “Branding by Customer Experience”, and give a hospitality example!”
Extra Credit:
What was the branding purpose of the Scala Stage performance mentioned in the assigned material? Where did it take place? What was the setting? Why was it so unusual? How does it help La Scala, the retail owners, and the customers?)

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