Unit 7 Assignment – Journal Article Review – 25 points

*This is NOT a group project and is to be completed individually!

Read and critically analyze the provided article in Unit 7: “Adding ultrasound in the management of soft tissue disorders of the shoulder” and answer the prompts below.

1. List 3 terms that were unknown to you when reading the article and provide their definition.

2. Answer the following prompts to demonstrate understanding of the full article:

a. What type of research does this article characterize? Where is this on the research hierarchy?

b. Describe the methods used in the study. Is there room for bias? c. Describe the subjects throughout the study. d. What were the inclusion and exclusion criteria? e. Variables: What were the independent variables? f. Variables: What were the dependent variables? g. Results: What were the final results? h. Find the alpha level. Is it significant (look in the narrative & chart)? i. Conclusion: What did the researchers conclude? j. What do you take from the article? k. References: How many references are used? Year of the most current reference?

Year of the oldest reference? l. What are the names of the authors? What country are they from?

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