ln this module, you will have the opportunity to master the following competency:

· Relate one's moral framework to notable ethical theories on the topic of justice.

justice is a complex topic. To begin with, we can understand the basics of the concept by saying justice occurs when each person gets what she or he is due. Justice, and being a just person, is often acknowledged as a foundational component to society and any social arrangement. Each person's understanding of justice factors into how she or he interacts with the rest of society, but it's a topic that is rarely investigated deeply. Here, you will find some considerations regarding justice and a brief glance at the approach John Rawls takes on justice.

The topic of justice manifests itself in a variety of ways, and is often discussed in broad terms. What does justice mean to you? In this assessment you will address the subject of justice and related ethical theories. In a properly formatted, researched paper, you need to address the following questions:

· What does justice mean to you?

· What do you believe is a good foundation for justice?

· What is Rawls’ foundation of justice and how does it relate to what justice means to you?

· What are the key features regarding global economic justice?

· What do you believe are the most important issues within social justice currently and why are these important?

In your paper, ensure that you use credible academic sources, and cite them properly.

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