Kay Oss, R.N. works on a general medical-surgical unit in a small community hospital. She has the help of a UAP, Felix Syted. One of her delegated tasks is for Felix to take vital signs on the patients on their twelve-bed unit. She gives a special instruction to Felix to only take blood pressures only on patient, Robyn Banks, right arm as she has undergone a left-radical mastectomy with lymph node removal. Felix confirmed he understood the instructions as relayed by Nurse Oss and began his assignment. The instructions regarding Ms. Banks blood pressure where also on the shift vital signs sheet and posted above Ms. Banks bed.

Upon hire, UAPs at this hospital receive orientation that addresses special situations and restrictions on taking blood pressures. Felix was cleared at the 90-day probationary period for this competency.   

When checking on Ms. Banks, Nurse Oss notices the Carescape V100 Monitor (formerly Dinamap) blood pressure cuff fully inflated on Ms. Banks left arm. She notes the B/P cuff is set to inflate at 5 minute interval readings and Felix is nowhere to be found.


What is Kay Oss, R.N. accountable for in this case?

Did she initially delegate appropriately to Felix? Explain your reasoning.

Is Nurse Oss’s license at risk for delegating this task to Felix who performed incompetently?

What is Felix’s accountability? Explain your reasoning.

What would be the appropriate follow up by Nurse Oss?

Initial responses are due on or before Wed. by 11:59 p.m.

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