Kindly write a review paper about the recent advances in Cellulose-based nanocomposites for biomedical application
focusing on the last two years.
The subjest is rathe Chemistry in the first part of review, with a biomedical engineering focus in the second part.
Please use as many references as possible (200 or more Research papers).
I have attached a file where I started putting some general ideas just copied from different books.
Please follow this outline:
Abstract (200-300 words)
1. Introduction (1000 words)
2. Cellulose (500-800 words)
2.1. Chemical structure of cellulose (700-1000 words)
2.2. Types of cellulose (500-600 words)
2.3. Nanocellulose (600-700 words)
3. Cellulosic nanocomposites for biomedical applications (150 words)
3.1. Biocompatibility of Cellulosic nanocomposites (700-1000 words)
3.2. Cell culture on of Cellulosic nanocomposites (600-1000 words)
3.3. Cellulose-based Wound dressing (700-1000 words)
3.4. Antibacterial properties of Cellulose (500-1000 words)
3.5. Antioxidant properties of Cellulose (250 – 1000 words)
3.6. Antiviral properties of Cellulose (250- 1000 words)
3.7. Drug safety application using Cellulose-based nanocomposites (350- 1000 words)
3.8. Smart biomedical membranes based on Cellulose (Biosensor?) (350- 1000 words
3.9. Biomedical advanced apparel based on Cellulose (500-600)
4. Common characteristics of cellulose in the light of Characterization techniques (800- 1200)
5. Conclusion and future perspective (500-700 words)
6. References (Mendeley)

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