Length: 600-700 words.
• Format: Double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. Graphs or tables
can be on the last pages, if needed (not required). References should be on the last page.
• You should summarize and then comment critically on any one required reading (not supplemental
readings or blog/short news articles) that was assigned between April 25 and May 9.
• Your summary can be roughly 70 percent of your writing. Summarize the key points, arguments or
highlights with regard to Pacific Asia,
• For your commentary, you should evaluate one or more key point(s) or argument(s) of your chosen
reading and state your informed opinions, using any
o Concepts or facts we have covered in class or you have learned from your studies of
economics, politics and relevant disciplines.
o Information/updates/historical context from other required or supplemental readings
o Current events/news
o Additional research from formal news or academic sources (Avoid Wikipedia-type
• Your commentary should be relevant to the study of economic development in Pacific Asia. It can
be roughly 30 percent of your writing.
• You are not required to conduct extensive research for your commentary. The purpose of the
commentary is to see that you can form an informed opinion about the reading, and draw
connections across other concepts or readings.
• This assignment is worth 10 percent of your course grade. I will provide you with a grading rubric
a few days before the due date.
• You will be evaluated on 1) accuracy and precision of your summary, 2) grammar, punctuation and
formatting, 3) relevance of your commentary to the study of economic development in Pacific Asia,
4) depth and plausibility of your commentary.
• Suggestion: If you have a study group, each person in your group could choose a different reading
for their reading journal. You all can compile these journals to create a set of reading summaries to
prepare for Exam 2.

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