Lesson 6
Tell your story. Think about and discuss your personal history -yours story-in relation to the elements of reasoning
To do this, think about and answer the following:
How have your goals and purpose changed over the course of your life?
What influenced you to take on those goals in the first place, and what influenced you to change the ones you have changed?
How do you anticipate your goals changing in the future?
Then, contrast the questions that were most on your mind five years ago with those that are most on your mind now.
How have you changed?
What are some of the major problems you have faced, ones that may have shaped who you are today?
In 1-2 pages, with respect to the main assumptions you have made in your life, to how you have gotten in touch with the consequences of your actions, tell your story! This can provide you with insight into your life you often cannot get any other way. I know what you’re thinking…what does this have to do with critical thinking…well, assumptions are one of the many elements to reasoning, which we’ll learn about next week! Upload your story here!
This is also the week to upload a draft paper if you’d like feedback from me! Including it as an additional attachment is totally fine!

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