Let me know how much. Thanks in advance.
The Thesis quesrion (unless you can think of a better way to wrd it?) is: What
Weaponry Was Used During the French Revolution Compared to the Atlantic
Revolutions, and What Was the Outcome of the Revolution Based on What Was Available
to Those During the Revolutions? (I believe this to be
too wordy, which I am working on revising). I have been advised that is questionable. My intent is to compare the weaponry in the French Revolution compared t the Atlantic Revolution. The bib essay you assist with is also attcahed for reference in use of those soruecs
Also attached are the milestones/requirements.
“You will be expected to submit a complete rough draft, including an introduction with thesis and body. Though it does not need to be polished yet, it is important for you to submit as complete a draft as possible in order to solicit valuable feedback from your instructor for your final project. Let your instructor know if you have any questions.”

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