Research Paper:  The implementation of AI into inventory management 

Research Paper Requirements

The basic rules for your research paper include:


ideo Presentation Overview

Once your research paper is complete, create a 4-5 minute narrated presentation video based on your paper. You are free to use any format or tool to create your slides, however you are to use Studio when recording your presentation. 

Your presentation should meet this basic criterion.


Research Paper Purpose
Your paper will be an analysis on a contemporary topic in logistics. You will cover the
history of its development, current status and future developments and use. Be sure to
cover the current and future application of the technology or innovation and apply it to a
firm. Use trade publications, published research, and the Internet to determine your
Topic Selection
To find a topic for your paper, research a new technology or innovation in logistics. Your
search may be conducted online, in trade publications, or through published research
(Hunt Library).
Appropriate References
Use references published within the past six years. Do not use Wikipedia. Because of
its open nature, and the intrusion of trolls and others with private agendas who have
posted false and misleading data on the site, it is considered neither reliable nor valid. If
a valid primary source is listed as a link on the Wiki site, go to the primary source for the
information needed.
Term Paper Format Requirements
The paper should follow the APA rules for manuscripts closely.
The paper should have one-inch margins on all sides.
All narrative in the paper should be left justified.
The paper should use Times Roman font, 12-point size.
The first line of each paragraph should be indented one-half inch.
Everything in the paper should be double spaced only. No extra lines or space
should be added between paragraphs or sections of the paper.
Each page of the paper should show the running header at top left and the page
number at the top right.

All rights are reserved. The material contained herein is the copyright property of Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32114. No part of this material may be reproduced,
stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or
otherwise without the prior written consent of the University.

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Term Paper Components
In this component… Provide or state
Title Page
Title of report
Assignment name or number
Authors name
University name
Course number
Topic of the paper
Background on the issue
Value or importance of the issue
Introduction Paragraph
Topic of the research
Why the topic is important
How the paper is organized to address the topic  
Narrative Body
At least 10 pages, double spaced pages
Logical sections with headings
Literature review using 10 total sources (at least 5 peer-reviewed)
Limit findings and conclusions to what can be supported by the facts and
data presented  
Avoid expanding the conclusions beyond what the data will support
Suggest ways for the firm to overcome the issues discussed
Reference page
10 valid reference sources in alphabetical order (at least 5 peer-
reviewed journal articles)  
Citation for every statement of fact included in the paper
Only sources cited within the narrative of the paper
Appendix Page If needed
Other Tips
Follow these tips in the body of the paper.

DO NOT quote from the articles reviewed unless the wording is unique or very special. More than
three quotes in the paper would be too many!
DO NOT copy anything from any source unless you indicate the wording as being quoted and
include an accurate reference citation for the source.
Include a reference citation to support all statements of fact presented in the paper.
Avoid using the pronouns: you, your, we, our, or us in the paper. Readers may not wish to be so
closely involved in the topic.
Do NOT expand on the findings or draw conclusions that are not directly supported by the
research findings discovered in the review of the articles presented. 

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