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1) What is the major difference between the Securities Act of 1933 & 1934?
2) Why is it that many commentators have stated that The 1933 act requirement created the profession of Certified Public Accountancy?
3) Harry and Moe decide to form a corporation by transferring $50,000 each in exchange for corporate stock.
a) Does the stock qualify as an Exempt Security?
b) Does this qualify as an Exempt Transaction?
c) If you answer “yes” to a or b above, which exemption specifically applies?
4) What are the defenses a CPA firm might use if accused of violating the 1933 Act?
1) In 2002 Wall Street was embroiled in a bear market as crorate greed and excess was blamed for creating a huge stock market bubble that had burst in 2000. Congress responded by enacting The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.
a) How did Sections 302 and 404 address the public’s concerns that corporate management be more accountable?
b) How about Section 906?
2) In 2010 the economy was mired in a deep economic recession as unemployment was high and capital for new business start ups was scarce. Many blamed government over regulation for the stifling of the economy and demanded government to stimulate economic growth.
How did Congressional amendments to Sarbannes Oxley in 2010 help loosen regulations on smaller publicly held companies?

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