The Interim report marks a major stage in the planning of the work. It is designed to clarify the overall scheme and programme of work in the mind of the student, and provides an opportunity for the supervisor to have an overview of the project. The report should outline the dissertation, along with how it provides an original input into the research topic.The document should be approximately a third of the total dissertation and include the following:Self assessment formDownload formA draft title showing the chosen topic;Provisional contents page with numbered chapters and sections;List of Figures, Tables;Introduction covering a general background to the topic approx. 800 words;A defined research hypothesis/aim;Clearly identified objectives stating how the project will be carried out;Critical literature review of the topic being considered approx.. 2000 words;Proposed methodology of how the data is to be collected and analysed (e.g. experimental work, surveys, case studies, analysis etc.) approx. 1000 words;Reference list including only those cited in the text and given in the Harvard style;Programme of work given as a table or chart indicating when work will be carried out and key dates.Project Logbook/JournalPPT 1 & 2A critical literature review is an essential section of this report, which should evaluate what has been published in your chosen topic. Without a literature survey you cannot establish the context and value of any information or data you will collect nor can you make any interpretation of where your information fits. For a non-laboratory based project the literature review is likely to be a greater percentage of the total project than that for a laboratory based project. Therefore, it could range from 20-30% of the overall project.The proposed objectives should be set out succinctly, stating how the project will be carried out, for example, using active verbs such as:design and construct an experimental rigcollect experimental data on….analyse these data to determine…Throughout the project students should refer their work back to the objectives. As the work proceeds it may be necessary to revise the objectives, and any such revision should be agreed with the supervisor. It is important to emphasise how these objectives have been met (or why they have not been met) within the final conclusion.This report should also include a brief methodology explaining how you intend to carry out the project and attempt to answer the research question(s) you have identified. It should set out how data is to be collected and analysed and which sources of data will be utilised. A clear programme of work should be included that may be given as a table or a bar chart, which must indicate for each period of time, the work to be carried out and any key dates. It is also important to include a provisional list of section headings for the final report. This can be modified later, but it provides an opportunity to consider at an early stage what material should be included in the dissertation.The report should be written clearly and succinctly communicating knowledgeably about the design, sustainability, health and safety and risk management of the project.The Interim Report should be 1.5 spacing, Arial Font size 11, justified text with section headings in Arial Bold 12 and must be discussed with your supervisor. Submit a soft copy to Turnitin via canvas. N.B. The Interim Report is worth 10% of the total dissertation


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