please read the file that have information exactly how to find good secondary sources and how to find primary sourceSo as it says first find 3 secondary sources and in each of source annotated the source which mean write the summary information of the source ( When annotating your sources, try to write 2-3 sentences summarizing the information or type of content found in each source. The annotated bibliography should be useful to you. Often when you read a scientific paper you make summary notes in the margins or highlight key facts. These are what you want to summarize and to have to refer backto in your annotated bibliography.As with a Literature Cited section in a paper, the bibliography should have the paperslisted alphabetically based upon the last name of the first author, and move to the second author next, if there are two papers by the same author.)Then find two secondary sources and do same thingsFor my Animal which is jellyfish ( Aurita) i already have one primary and one secondary i will share it with you and you annotated them and cite them and you find the restPrimary…Secondary…


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