List ofVALUESAccountability AchievementAdaptabilityAdventureAltruismAmbitionAuthenticity Balance BeautyBeing the best Belonging CareerCaring Collaboration Commitment Community Compassion Competence Confidence Connection Contentment Contribution Cooperation Courage CreativityCuriosity Dignity Diversity Environment Efficiency Equality
EthicsExcellence Fairness Faith FamilyFinancial stability Forgiveness Freedom FriendshipFunFuture generations GenerosityGiving back Grace Gratitude Growth Harmony Health Home Honesty Hope Humility Humor InclusionIndependence Initiative Integrity IntuitionJob security JoyJustice
KindnessKnowledge Leadership Learning Legacy Leisure Love LoyaltyMaking a differenceNature Openness Optimism Order Parenting Patience Patriotism Peace PerseverancePersonal fulfillmentPower Pride Recognition ReliabilityResourcefulness Respect Responsibility Risk -taking SafetySecuritySelf-discipline Self-expression
Self-respectSerenity Service Simplicity Spirituality Sportsmanship Stewardship Success Teamwork ThriftTime Tradition Travel Trust TruthUnderstanding Uniqueness Usefulness Vision Vulnerability WealthWell-being Wholeheartedness Wisdom
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