Locate 1 credible source that would help you convince someone else to take up a hobby or interest of yours. Then, using the template provided, make a rough outline to help you plan and incorporate your research into your argument, or the point that you are trying to make.
Note: If you cannot access the template or do not wish to use it, you can create your outline on a blank document or type it directly into the assignment submission area. Make sure your outline includes the following:
Your introduction (a few words or phrases to help you plan your introduction)
Three reasons you plan to use to convince your reader (indicate which reason or reasons you plan to support with your research).
Your conclusion (a few words or phrases to help you plan your conclusion).
Be sure to also include in your submission all of the details you will need to cite your source later on:
Date of publication (or date on the article):
Type of source (article, website, blog, etc.):
Where you found it (website address/URL):
How you use the research that you found to support your argument is just as important as the research itself. You can have the most credible source possible for your topic, but for it to help, you have to use it in such a way that it convinces your audience. In addition, you have to cite the source to give credit to the author for their words or ideas. Giving credit to others for their work is not only the ethical thing to do, but it also helps establish your credibility as a writer.

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